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Who’s in da room??

September 26, 2010

How much do we MISS by taking people at face value – by being too quick to assume that a person is only as much as his or her job title suggests?

One of my favourite questions to ask participants as the start of a workshop or training session  is what’s their “secret skill”  – something that their colleagues wouldn’t necessarily know about them.

There have been some fascinating answers: someone who made stained glass windows; someone who had a license to captain a cruise ship; an Olympic diving medallist; someone who dressed up as Ranger’s Football Team’s mascot Broxie Bear at home games; musicians; artists; sportsmen and women; a skydiver; TV quiz show champions…a truly astonishing array of talents and interests.

Do companies have ANY IDEA WHATSOEVER about the true extent of the talent within their own four walls? I imagine not. Are they missing out on opportunities and ideas? Without a doubt.