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Music to Inspire

July 19, 2010

Just a quick one this time. We probably all have a song or two that never fail to cheer us up when we’re feeling a bit naff.

Before I share my top ten with you (I don’t care if you laugh –  I LOVE these tracks!!!) let me just say that there’s a significant amount of research that proves that music has beneficial effects in terms of stress management and indeed in terms of learning.

A BBC report on the One Show last year said that listening to rhythmic music while exercising ‘lessened the perception of effort’, and listening to quiet, calm music post-exercise caused the heartbeat to return to normal more quickly.

The ‘Tomatis Method’ uses both music listening and music making to work with kids with ADHD, reducing the need for drugs – with some remarkable results.

Georgi Lozanov developed a way of language learning where large amounts of information could be absorbed and recalled…while listening to music.

So it’s not just a quick pick-me-up. Music really can effect your mood and your state of well-being.

For what it’s worth – here’s a countdown of my top ten  smile makers  : )

10. The ‘Indiana Jones’ theme Tune

9. Volare – Gipsy Kings

8. Beautiful day – U2

7.  The Fallen Angel Set (from the album To Answer the Peacock) Brian McNeill

6. Canario – Joaquin Rodrigo

And now to share my top 5 with you……

5. Hoedown – Aaron Copeland  (YEEEEEEEE HAAAAA!!!)

4. World Cup Song – K Naan

3. One Day Like This – Elbow

2. I Get Knocked Down (but I get up again)  – Chumbawumba


1. JUMP  – Van Halen (I could be at death’s door and this would revive me. Love it Love it Love it)

Happy listening!