The red shoes … and a little lesson about living in fear

red shoes 2Sometimes we learn big lessons from little things, and as part of the Yara philosophy of learning from anything and everything, I’m going to share an example of that with you now.

A couple of weekends ago, I and two friends were celebrating our birthdays. As part of this triple whammy, the evening was to start out with champagne before heading to a local establishment to dance the night away.

I hardly need say that the dance-related half of this arrangement is not something that I do very often (actually, neither is the champagne), and I was thrown into a bit of a quandary over the issue of what to wear … especially on my feet.

Vanity suggested my favourite red shoes with the square heel. Common sense told me that sensible flats would be the way to go.

Fortunately, my thirteen-year-old daughter was on hand to give me some fashion advice … and in doing so, provided some unexpected life lessons too …


Practical, schmactical

It’s not entirely surprising that my daughter laughed in my face at my suggestion of practical, sensible footwear. Even when it’s pouring with rain she’s inclined to wear slip on ‘dolly shoes’, which are a guarantee of cold, wet feet, and which represent a triumph of fashion over common sense.

Her point here was clear enough though. Sometimes practical is boring.

My choice of shoes might have been more comfortable on the dance floor, but they were indeed boring. Dull. Lifeless.

Is your pursuit of what’s most practical causing you to be dull and predictable, and preventing you from making a statement or having an impact?

Wear the red shoes.


Don’t wait for a special occasion

Part of my reluctance to wear my red shoes was because they’re special shoes, reserved for smart occasions. However, that does mean that I don’t wear them very often.

As my daughter pointed out, what was I waiting for? If I’m holding out for an invitation to some red carpet event, it might never happen, so why not get on with it and wear the shoes?

Are you saving something for a special occasion? I don’t just mean a pair of shoes or some THING… this might extend to a skills or talent.

If you’re constantly waiting for the right moment or occasion, why? Maybe you should create the occasion and just do it!

Wear the red shoes.


Worrying about what might go wrong

Given that these are my favourite shoes, I was also concerned that I might ruin them. What if they got wet? What if I broke a heel dancing? What if someone spilt a drink on them … or worse?

Again, as my daughter pointed out, what actually WAS the worst thing that could happen?? Probably nothing that a decent suede brush couldn’t sort out.

Is your concern over what might go wrong preventing you from taking action on something? Don’t let fear over ‘what ifs’ hold you back.

Wear the red shoes.


On my daughter’s advice, I wore the red shoes after all. At the end of the evening my feet were sore and my legs were aching.

And my red shoes were absolutely fine.


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