Goal Setting Success Factor #2: Self Awareness and Self Confidence

2. Self awareness and self confidence: recognise who you need to become to achieve your goals.

Whether your goals are SMART or not, the stark fact of the matter is that if you don’t believe that you have it in you to achieve your goals…it’s ‘game over’ from the very beginning.

Developing a healthy self confidence (by that, I mean a realistic and positive sense of self, not arrogance or an ego the size of a planet) is crucial to your being able to achieve your goals.

Here are three techniques that will help:

Visualisation is  extremely useful – being able to capture in your imagination what the best-possible-you looks and feels like, the sort of life you lead and the sort of people you associate with.

Anyone who’s come across ‘The Secret’ will know what I mean here – this is more than daydreaming about how you want to be; this is really focussing on the details. In the words of Alfred Montapert,  “To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualise, then plan… believe… act!”
‘Mask of the Role Model’
A second technique is a little like the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach. I prefer to think of it as putting on the ‘mask of the role model’.

Let me explain what I mean: the best boss I ever had was a lady called Lesley, whose confidence, approach and way of working with people truly inspired me. For YEARS when I was in a business situation in which I felt out of my depth, I would think to myself “Now, what would Lesley do?” …and take that course of action. By acting the part of a confident individual, I was treated as though I WAS a confident individual by those I met; and gradually, I grew into the part.
Self Talk
It’s often said that we talk to ourselves in a way that we just wouldn’t take from anyone else, and we can sometimes become our own ‘confidence saboteur’.

What do you say when you speak to yourself? Make sure it’s positive and self affirming… which is often easier said than done.

There’s a BIG psychological difference when you make a mistake, say, between thinking to yourself “You stupid idiot! What did you do that for? For goodness sake, how hopeless are you?!”  and saying “OK, how hard can this be? I’ve seen someone else do it, so I’m bound to be able to do it….”  

Learn to talk yourself up, not down.
These three techniques – and other confidence-building methods – are vital to help you achieve your goals. SMART and action-orientated though those goals may be, what’s going on in your HEAD will have a profound impact on what goes on in your life and career.
Watch this space for Goal Setting Success Factor number 3 in the next few days!


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