Change without difference

Is there such a thing as change without difference? No. Of course not.

I can’t help feeling, though, that many organisations around the world rather wish that this WAS the case. Mediocre and even fairly well-performing companies look with envious eyes at the truly innovative, and wish they could enjoy a similar success… but seem unwilling to go through the necessary shake up to make it happen.

 How many organisations do you know or have you worked for where the clarion cry is for creativity, innovation, doing things differently, challenging the status quo, improving products and services… only to find that, once you scratch beneath the surface, what’s actually wanted is stability, familiarity, maintenance?

What if more organisations opened themselves up – even tentatively – to genuinely doing things differently: not inviting chaos and disruption, but encouraging facilitated innovation and change, and carefully monitoring the results to ensure and capture the benefits?

How much more productive could we be?

Are there any organisations out there prepared to do something different  (that’s ‘different’ and not ‘recycled’ or ‘reinvented’) …without coming up with a string of excuses as to why it can’t be done?


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