Are the ‘little things’ sometimes the ‘BIG things’?

There’s a huge medieval tapestry at Dean Castle in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire .  It’s  over 4 metres square, and it depicts a betrothal scene. The young couple are in the foreground, surrounded by their guests … and yet, they are often not the main focus of the image. Why? Because in the top right corner, one of the female guests has two right hands.

Whether the weaver fell asleep at the loom or was working from the wrong template, that mistake – probably all of a few inches square – is what the tapestry is famous for.

And the point is?

Well have a look around you and see if you can find some ‘little things’ that might be detracting from YOUR big picture:  business cards with “these cards are free from Vistaprint” on the back, when it only costs a few quid NOT to have that naff little advert, proclaiming you as a cheapskate. Spelling and grammar mistakes that take the edge off costly marketing materials (Liz Broomfield at Libro Editing  proof reads all my blog posts). Arriving 2 minutes late rather than 5 minutes early for every meeting (set your watch five or six minutes fast).

Which ‘little things’ like this COULD be making a big statement about you? And how much could you be losing out because of them?


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