2011 – a year of doing things differently

Another New Year, another set of resolutions. For me, 2011 is going to be a year of doing things differently. Maybe it will start with climbing the stairs from time to time instead of taking the lift. I might even branch out of the usual three set menu items from The Panda Chinese Take Away and try something different. Maybe – just maybe – I’ll push the boat out and take a different route around the supermarket and try one or two new products that aren’t on my list! Woah!

Why? Because breaking patterns enables us to learn, experience and see new things. And because if we can do a few small things differently, we’ll be better able to tackle the BIGGER challenges, like dealing with change, altering lifestyle and facing the unexpected. It might not always be a resounding success… but it will be DIFFERENT. It won’t be the ordinary, mediocre same-old, same-old, and we’ll have learned something.

Why not take up the challenge yourself? Go on – try a couple of  ’different’ things a week. Say ‘yes’  a bit more often rather than using the usual excuse to say ’no’.  Talk to that person you think you know and really listen to them; how much did you not even know about them?  Don’t just pick the thing you want to do, like doing and know you’re good at… try the thing that freaks you out a little bit, just to see if you can. And, of course, don’t forget to tell me what happens, and what you learn.

So if you DO see me sticking religiously to my list in Tescos, or ordering the set menu at the Chinese, feel free to come up and remind me to do something different.


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