Every (snow) cloud has a silver lining

I could put yesterday down as a complete disaster: a futile attempt to travel from Glasgow to Bristol – icy roads – no buses or taxis – a near 2 mile trek through ankle deep snow to the airport  – cancelled flights – queues at baggage reclaim – the journey home….what an utter waste of time.

However,  Adam J Jackson’s book ‘The Flipside’ talks about finding the hidden opportunities in life, and looking for positives rather than negatives. And he’s right.

I met some great people on my journey whom I’d never otherwise have encountered: Ian from Belfast, who shared the walk to the airport with me; the bus driver who stopped to let us on; the lady trying to get home to London; and Colin, the cheeriest taxi driver in Ayrshire amongst them. Even the Easyjet staff were calm and helpful (I thought) in the face of a legion of thwarted travellers.

As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet  “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.


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